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Nom Nom Nom

The following are userbars I've made. Feel free to attach them in your sigs.

Season 1
1x01 Sins of the Past
1x17 The Royal Couple of Thieves
1x22 Callisto

Season 2
2x05 Return of Callisto
2x06 Warrior...Princess...Tramp
2x07 Intimate Stranger
2x08 Ten Little Warlords
2x11 Xena Scrolls
2x12 Destiny
2x13 The Quest
2x14 A Necessary Evil
2x15 A Day in the Life
2x17 The Execution
2x18 Blind Faith
2x20 The Price 
2x21 Lost Mariner
2x22 A Comedy of Eros

Season 3
3x01 The Furies
3x02 Been There, Done That
3x03 The Dirty Half Dozen
3x04 The Deliverer
3x05 Gabrielle's Hope
3x06 The Debt
3x07 The Debt II
3x09 Warrior...Priestess...Tramp
3x10 The Quill is Mightier
3x11 Maternal Instincts
3x12 The Bitter Suite
3x13 One Against an Army
3x16 When in Rome
3x17 Forget Me Not
3x21 Sacrifice
3x22 Sacrifice II

Season 4
4x03 A Family Affair
4x04 In Sickness and in Hell
4x05 A Good Day 
4x08 Crusader 
4x09 Past Imperfect
4x12 If The Shoe Fits
4x14 Devi
4x15 Between the Lines

Season 5
5x02 Chakram 
5x03 Succession 
5x09 Seeds of Faith
5x11 Punch Lines 
5x12 God Fearing Child
5x13 Eternal Bonds
5x14 Amphipolis Under Siege
5x19 Looking Death in the Eye
5x20 Livia
5x22 Motherhood

Season 6
6x01 Coming Home
6x03 Heart of Darkness
6x06 The Abyss
6x07 The Rheingold
6x08 The Ring
6x09 Return of the Valkyrie
6x10 Old Ares had a Farm
6x15 To Helicon and Back
6x18 When Fates Collide
6x19 Many Happy Returns

Gabolita (red)
Gabolita (pink) 
Let's see those deleted scenes
Xena's many expressions

I'm in Tartarus

I am the misfit of crack ships and a Gab-centric multishipper.

I like to spend my time expressing my creativity through graphics and videos. I've been a Xena fan
since a little kid and wished I could someday own a chakram and have mighty abs like Gabrielle.
And, as the above suggests, I love cracked pairings, particularly if they feature Gabrielle.

of imperial rings and bondage